Trademark Guidelines

In order to ensure the continued value and integrity of PepsiCo’s famous trademarks, by agreeing to the Terms & Conditions of this website and Trademark License, you also agree to use our brands in accordance with these Trademark Guidelines for proper use:

  • Always use the mark in the same style, font and color as provided.
  • Do not modify a mark (crop/resize disproportionally, recolor, change typeface).
  • Use a generic descriptor as instructed (e.g., snacks, popcorn).
  • Allow enough clear space between your name or logo and PepsiCo’s marks.
  • Use the brand logo whenever possible. Alternatively, you may CAPITALIZE, or use Bold,or use Italics for PepsiCo’s marks to ensure these valuable brand names stand out from other text.
  • Do not use a pluralized brand as a singular noun (e.g., not FRITO PIE).
  • Do not use the brand as a possessive (e.g., CHEETOS’ Popcorn).
  • Use the ®or ™symbol as instructed. It should be clearly legible.
  • Use the legal line: All snack and beverage trademarks are owned by PepsiCo, Inc. or its affiliates.
  • If a slogan is included, use as approved. Do not add or eliminate words or emphasize any specific word within the tagline (e.g., by putting them on a separate line or increasing prominence).
  • For any uses other than menus or pre-approved materials included on this site, you must seek PepsiCo’s written approval prior to use. Such requests must be sent to Please allow at least 5 business days for response.
  • You may only use PepsiCo’s brands in a manner that will reflect favorably on PepsiCo and only in connection with the promotion and sale of items that include genuine PepsiCo products as ingredients that are substantially in conformance with the instructions set forth in the suggested recipes and other general food safety requirements.
  • Do not use PepsiCo’s brands to advertise products in a manner primarily directed to children under the age of twelve (12).