Frito-Lay Friday Menu Program

August 1, 2021 – May 31, 2022

  • Please provide your menu details with proof of Frito-Lay item inclusion in the form below to submit for Cool School Cafe bonus points.
  • School districts can earn points for each unique monthly menu that is submitted, with a maximum of 5,000 points per menu.
  • Fall menu points (August – December 2021) will be awarded in January 2022, and Spring menu points (January – May 2022) will be awarded in June 2022.
  • Any Frito-Lay item included on a menu is eligible to earn bonus points – it does not need to be part of the Cool School Cafe program.
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  • Click Here for complete Rules and Regulations.
Submit Your Menu Details
One file only.
2 MB limit.
Allowed types: jpg, jpeg, png.
To which grade levels is this menu offered?
4 or More Menus = 3,500 Points
1 Friday  = 1,000 Points
2 Fridays = 2,000 Points
3 Fridays = 3,000 Points
4 Fridays = 5,000 Points

How it Works

Menu Image

Include any Frito-Lay item on your school lunch menus

Menu Image

Upload a copy of your menu with the required entry information in the survey form

Menu Image

Get Cool School Cafe bonus points

  • 1,000 points per qualifying Friday menu item
  • 5,000 points for a month with 4 qualifying Friday menu items
  • 3,500 points for a month with at least 4 qualifying lunch menu items on any day of the week
Menu Image

Use your Cool School Cafe bonus points towards items to enhance your meal program, such as cafeteria equipment, custom apparel, and more! Learn more at